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July 15, 2022
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Top 5 tips - How to get the most from a digital event - An attendees guide

Nadia Jorgenrud

For most people, attending physical events is a regular occurance and something we have become accustomed to, an enjoyable part of our work schedule and personal life.For obvious reasons, mass gatherings and even meeting in person hasn’t been possible at certain times over the last 16 months, yet the wheels of the world keep turning and for some people, meeting for all manner of reasons is either still a necessity or personal choice.Digital meetings have increased at a stratospheric rate! Zoom has reported activity of 3.3 trillion minutes of meetings per year on its platform with a rise of 400% in volume from last year.This is reflected across the entire global digital meetings industry.A digital event, however, is different to a digital meeting.Sophisticated platforms allow for much more than a cool background and screen sharing in fact in a recent blog we concentrated specifically on ‘Top networking tips for visitors to Digital events’ we discussed how to get the most from networking with other attendees at digital events, this is testament to how alike digital and physical events can be and the depths and advancements in features and capabilities available to digital event attendees.So, how do we get the most from a digital event as an attendee? Here are some quick-fire and easy to apply tips to make sure you hit the ground running and get the most from the next digital event you attend!

1. Get social people

Social media now plays a huge part in our lives and not least when attending events, pre-event check out what’s happening, note any updates and keep abreast of news directly from the event social media channels, this may come in written and video format so make sure you keep an eye out for Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts in particular.

2. Take note of On-demand content 

Gone are the days of having to be in the right place at the right time, digital capabilities allow for content to be available when it suits you.The beauty of digital is that it can be relayed, shared and consumed at your fingertips and convenience.

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3. Live sessions 

On the flip side of On-demand, take part and engage with live sessions, often these are classed as ‘special content moments’ and give you the opportunity to be part of a live experience and witness a session as it happens.

If you’re looking to be part of the community and excitement of the event here’s where the magic often happens. 

4. Network like a Ninja

Digital meetings can be brilliant for networking.

Use the event app’s attendee list and connect with attendees based on common interests, synergies, or shared history.

Take advantage of the event technology and make it happen. Here you’ll make valuable connections and in a far more structured way than you would expect.

5. Play it your way

Digital events have helped people who would usually not perhaps enjoy the physical event format to really get the most from the experience.

Often in a crowded room, it is difficult to approach someone or a packed seminar room prevents you from raising your hand to ask a question.

By taking advantage of the matchmaking capabilities within the digital event platform sending a note pre-event, as to why you should meet up and have a chat, takes the hassle out of fighting your way across a room to make an introduction.

Imagine if you could cue a question via the polling or survey functionality instead of waiting for a member of the team to spot you being in the seminar room.

It’s your event experience, take what you want from the event and tailor the experience to your personal needs, preferences and personality. 

In summary, all of the above make for a greater digital experience at events, take these tips and tricks and use them for your next event, get accustomed to the digital event format and you’ll never look back.

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