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July 15, 2022
5 min read

Some learnings from a year of change in the digital meetings space

Ane Jemblie Monssen

March 12th, marks the 12 month point at which most countries have experienced a national lockdown of some description.

Certainly not a milestone to celebrate, but with so much change happening within the way we meet and communicate being forced upon us we’ve taken some time to reflect on these unprecedented times.

The reality of working from home or even remotely will certainly stay with us.

Green screens, clean white spaces and digital backgrounds have become the new swish office and one of the more enjoyable parts of lockdown!

On a more serious note, we have seen the online meetings space grow at a phenomenal rate.

Reducing travel, saving time, upping productivity and reducing costs have made for a proven case in point as to why virtual is here to stay.

Continuing on this point, online meetings have been a major gamechanger over the last year.

Large scale events that have absolutely needed to happen have continued to take place and some major advantages have become obvious.

Over and above the hard and fast measurables there are some other positives that organisations have experienced, not least, improved collaboration by many attendees online, improved work/life balance in and around events, plus the opportunity for events and meetings to be recorded and archived online for people to access post event.

Asia businesswoman using digital tablet talk to colleague about plan by video call brainstorm online meeting while remotely work from home at kitchen. Social distancing, quarantine for corona virus.

Right at the start of this journey in March 2020, 62 million video conferencing apps were downloaded worldwide. (Research and Markets 2020)

Not surprisingly, the global video conferencing market size is expected to reach a total value of $9.2 Billion by 2027. (FnF Research 2020)

Neither of the numbers are considered to be overzealous, in fact they are realistic and considered by some as conservative predictions that support the growth of the virtual meeting industry.

No algorithm, machine learning method, super-computer or futurist could have predicted such a rise in virtual meetings and communications, but inline with this trend we’ve taken some positives from this very uncertain period.

A robust and technologically advanced sector, full of virtual innovation has made meeting a possibility and, in many cases, an enjoyable and engaging experience.

We salute all of those that have embraced the technology available and made the most of a turbulent 12 months.

Here’s to the future and one that allows us to meet physically and digitally in safety and enjoyment.

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