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July 15, 2022
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Ready, Steady, Go! Or? - The Event App Launch Guide

Ane Jemblie Monssen

Launching the event app to your participants is something all of our customers are a little anxious about. Not strange as you might send out invitations to hundreds or thousands of participants - you better make sure that you got everything covered.

That is why we have made an event app launch guide so that you as an organizer can feel secure each time before sending out invitations, ensuring you still have a peaceful mind after you clicked the send button.

1. Make sure participants can access the event

Each participant needs to either be:

  1. Added to the dashboard with a unique email address. You can import multiple participants via an excel sheet, or you can add one and one. Remember that the participant will need to sign in to the event app with the same email address as the one you have added. Usually this will be the same email address the participant used when signing up for the event, so make sure to write that in the event app invitation email.
  2. Given an event code to access the event. If you do not like to add participants, they can add themselves by using an event code – this code needs to be in the invitation email, so that the participants can sign in to the app. If you haven’t set this code yet, contact us so we can create it for you.

You can also use a mix of both solutions, just remember to write it in the invitation email.

2. Make sure you have uploaded an event photo
Make sure you have uploaded an event photo, as branding adds more personality to the app. Remember that you can add your own colors, icon, splash screen also. The event photo you can add directly in the dashboard, under Events, while we will set up the rest for you. Are you uncertain about the branding guidelines? Well, then you can check them out here.

3. Time zone
Check that your time zone is right. You will set the time zone for the event when you through our order form.

4. Add content
Make sure it’s not all empty when participants enter the app. Plan to post some goodies through the interactive feed leading up to the event, making the event app more dynamic and fun, while the participants are waiting for the event to start. However, also make sure to always add some content before you let the participants into the app, so they feel the app is useful. We recommend all organizer to add a post with a picture to the feed with some information, as it is the first thing the participants will see when entering the app.

Event App Feed

5. Do an internal check first
Make sure that everything is good to go by doing an internal test with your coworkers. Go through content, links that you have included and other information you have uploaded. Send out an invitation email to your coworker first, if he or she can download the app and gets everything to work, I bet that the rest of the participants will too.

Ready to set up the app for your next event? Contact us to get started.

Written by
Ane Jemblie Monssen

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