July 15, 2022
5 min read

How event technology is reshaping the events industry into a sustainable sector

Nadia Jorgenrud

The importance of a company’s green credentials manifests itself in many parts of everyday operations.Everything from lowering employees’ carbon footprints to operating an onsite wormery, most organisations and sectors are on a journey towards becoming more sustainable.The events industry is no exception. In fact, when it comes to being on-show to the wider community that includes clients and industry colleagues, often the events schedule is an opportunity to showcase the efforts a company is making to be more sustainable.Historically, the nature of building an event, getting hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees to a single event location and then knocking it all down again five days later has not been the greenest solution.More recently, event organisers have spent time and money ensuring that they help to pave the way with more sustainable events and shape the future of a greener events industry.Here are five ways you can make your next event greener and potentially better.

  1. Go paperless! 

As well as saving the planet and a few trees along the way, you will encourage attendees to use smart technology that will further improve the event experience for them.Print costs, logistics costs and overall effectiveness of a printed guide or take away material come into question post event, time and time again.The way we consume information and share information in the modern world revolves around digital information and this should be reflected in how you share information with the attendees to your event.

  1. Visualise and make it real! 

Everything from using event Apps, to utilising venue digital signage can be an exciting and a green way to deliver event content.Use the technology already to hand in smartphones or other devices to make your event more engaging and green.A top tip is to use the venue digital signage to visualise how many PDF’s have been downloaded and thus how many pieces of paper or trees have been saved.Make it fun and relevant.

  1. Cut down waste 

How many times have we all seen booklets, giveaways, paper or plastic of all descriptions disregarded and left behind or binned at an event?This is all such a waste. Let’s be real, in some circumstances, printed material can have a place but not because “it has always been done that way”.If you’re not confident in the format of the material and its effectiveness, cut down on the waste and focus on delivering usable items that won’t be left for the post-show clear up!Book your free demo here!

  1. Go Hybrid events!!

This ever-popular format lends itself beautifully to sustainable events, live and face to face is the cornerstone of the events industry and long may that continue, but giving attendees the option to physically be in the room to join virtually makes sense and also can reduce company costs and carbon footprint. 

  1. Sharing is caring! 

Presenting and making available content in a live or digital format allows for greater consumption of the content, sharing of the content beyond the event and allows the content to be used across multiple platforms, from basic PDF download to live to stream.

Digitising your content gives it legs and a legacy to live long after the closing speech. 

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