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December 2, 2022

Our top five predictions for event technology in 2023

Nadia Jorgenrud

December is always an interesting time of year for various reasons. It’s a time for reflection that can help us make calculated decisions on how and what we do in 2023 and new beginnings for the coming year. 

Working with corporate event planners and helping them to make their event objectives a reality through technology is the reason we do what we do at EventEye. We are privy to the inner workings of our client's events and work with a number of different creative marketers and event profs on all manner of events and experiences. Lots of ideas turn into plans and then great events during these conversation.  I wanted to share some of the trends we are seeing and predictions for how technology will empower events in the future.

Here are our top five predictions for event technology in 2023 

1. Hybrid events 

Many clients are still uncertain about how events will be conducted in the future, although Covid restrictions eased, some countries are only just out of national lockdowns. There is a 100 per cent desire to conduct physical events, but with a digital element. Planning for a physical event with hybrid capability and enabled technology means that the show must and can go on if circumstances change. Covering all bases is the smart way of conducting ‘business as usual’ and 90 per cent of the physical events we are working on have adopted this model.

2. Interaction and engagement whatever the format 

The merits of increased attendee engagement at live events, quite frankly speak for themselves: the likes of live chats, polls, virtual streaming and session Q&A’s have been a major part of the events we have worked on in 2022 and we see this continuing in 2023. High levels of interaction and engagement can be facilitated for those in the room and those joining digitally. Having the opportunity to participate in both formats promotes interaction and can boost event engagement.

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3. On-demand content is in-demand

We expect to see pre-recorded content being available on-demand more and more in 2023 for those that may not have been able to join the event either physically or virtually. We predict this content trend being a major improvement in content-heavy events. The versatility of consuming relevant content when convenient for your attendees offers great value. Having this capability in place for your event may also ensure that if the physical event doesn’t happen it can be conducted virtually. I revert back to my original prediction on hybrid events. 

4. Technology that drives networking and conversation

Although we are now masters of the Zoom calls and spend just as much, if not more, time than ever communicating digitally than in person, many people feel confused about the best practices for networking at virtual events. Networking can actually work well virtually and provide some great opportunities and is something we excerpt to see more of in 2023. We suggest promoting one-to-one calls or networking rooms with other attendees. In a purely digital environment, attendees can be given a personal profile with the ability to add a photo, biography and personal information about themselves making the event more of an online community sphere than just a video stream or webinar. This can then also promote engagement and more networking for physical events. Attendees, pre-event, can set up meetings for in-person 1-1’s thus promoting more face-to-face interactions. 

5. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning (ML) offers event organizers a deeper understanding of the event and the attendee. The beauty of ML for events is it's constantly evolving and understanding the attendee and their needs. We expect to see ML take off for events in 2023. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also predicted to play a major part in the matchmaking of attendees wanting to meet at events plus provides recommendations of suitable content to serve the attendees. This knowledge-based and data-driven way of running events is most certainly the future! 

We are excited to see how AI and ML develops, along with our other predictions this year. 

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