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July 15, 2022
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Helping Maine Public Health Association take its annual conference virtual during the pandemic

Fredrik Hoel

The Client 

Maine Public Health Association is a non-profit membership organization advocating, acting and advising on critical public health challenges to ensure that all people in the US state of Maine lead healthful lives regardless of their income or where they live.Each Autumn, The Maine Public Health Association hosts its annual conference, the largest meeting dedicated to public health in Maine, attracting over 400+ professionals across the state.In 2020 due to the global pandemic the association was unable to hold a physical event therefore decided to take its event online for the very first time.

The Project 

The association chose EventEye’s end-to-end solution for virtual events including live streaming and technical assistance to facilitate the very first virtual version of its 2020 event.EventEye was chosen for its full-service offering, leaving the association team time to focus on what it does best and not having to carry out all of its own technical support.This included setup and support throughout the event life cycle, live streaming and live interaction with Q&As, polls and the tools for participants to chat with each other during the sessions.

The Results 

With EventEye's platform and round-the-clock technical assistance, the Maine Public Health Association was able to attract 370 professional delegates to its very first four-week long virtual annual conference.The event was split into four regions including;

  • Northern Maine: One Maine, One Health
  • Western Maine: Food & Behavioural Health
  • Eastern Maine: The Intersection of Mental Health & Public Health
  • Southern Maine: Public Health Innovation & Adaptation and Social Determinants of Health

The format included50 speakers (all individually trained by the EventEye team on how to use the platform) and included a virtual networking evening and a virtual award ceremony.Conference feedback was overwhelmingly positive with delegates commenting on the ease of the platform and access to the content as well as the fact the event was much more accessible to those that would usually be unable to attend because of travel constraints.The event also brought in a comfortable revenue from sponsors, exhibitors and ticket sales.


“Thanks to the fantastic team at EventEye the event was seamless. We were nervous about signing an international agreement as we’d never contracted with an international provider before, but we have been astounded by the service we have received and can’t say enough good things about this really positive experience. We look forward to working with EventEye in the future.”

Rebecca Bolous, MPH, PhD.

Rebecca Boulos, MPH, PhDExecutive Director at Maine Public Health Association

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