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July 15, 2022
5 min read

Full control with participant tracking

Fredrik Hoel

With restrictions and rules for tracking social interactions in the case of infections spreading at physical events, it has become essential to have full control over where attendees have been and stayed. This way, it is easy to aggregate data on who has been near each other if it becomes necessary after an event.

If you host an event with several parallel sessions and various areas where people can stay, you should have logs of who has been where and which other people have been around in the same areas.

You, as an organizer, need access to this critical data.

At EventEye, we recommend all of our customers to use the Attendee Tracking, which allows attendees to check themselves in at places.

Attendee connect screenshots

Attendee Tracking provides important insights into the participants' activity and allows you as an organizer to track where attendees have stayed safely and reliably.

Attendee Tracking can be used by scanning from a dedicated mobile app, or by creating self-scanning stations letting attendees check themselves in. This provides immediate logging you can use to trace back which zones attendees and personnel have visited.

Self-scanning stations can be placed at meeting tables, lunch tables, toilet entrances, lecture entrances, and the like. You as an organizer have your attendees under control and can easily trace back the attendee's movements during the event.

The module can be purchased as a stand-alone and does not require a full event app to work.

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