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July 15, 2022
5 min read

Event agencies have in record time become the new tech gurus

Fredrik Hoel

Digital restructuring in the event industry

In a time when the whole world is changing to become more digital, event organizers and agencies that usually make a living through physical meetings have in record time become the new tech gurus.

A lot has happened over the past five years since we started working with event tech. At first we questioned ourselves if we were a little bit too early offering pure event apps, where the organizer offers an app that becomes available to the participants. The service gathers up all information about the event and allows you to communicate with the participants in a new way. Our biggest competitor at the time was paper, and the vast majority of organizers still printed all the information to their participants.

The spring of 2020 was different for most people in the event industry. The world shut down, and governments started introducing stricter measures than most of us have ever experienced. Physical meeting places, such as concerts, festivals, courses, seminars, professional meetings, and conferences suddenly became illegal.

From shock, apathy, and a problematic perception of reality, event organizers came into a kind of survival phase where everything had to be put on hold. Resources were focused on postponing events and coordinate with customers, suppliers, and attendees.

From survival in early March to today, the event industry has fast-forwarded itself several years in the future. As a supplier of modern tech solutions to the event industry, we have never seen anything like it.

In record time, organizers have turned to host meetings and conferences online. The transformation from paper to app is no longer something we're talking about these days. Now the transformation is about innovative technologies to solve hybrid and virtual events. The event industry has suddenly stopped thinking about whether to use an app or paper. Now it is all about the various opportunities one has in addition to, or extending, physical events.

Virtual Event Platform
EventEye's Synergy Virtual Event Platform

When the world moves back to normal, event organizers and agencies will have gained have more digital knowledge than ever. That's true progress through digital transformation. In just a few months, event organizers have become the new tech gurus!

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