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July 15, 2022
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eKommune 2021

Nadia Jorgenrud

Testimonial: eKommune 2021

eKommune is the most important meeting place for everyone who is interested in digitalization and innovation in the Norwegian municipal sector. It has been an event where the physical arena with personal meetings and relationship building has been key elements. Taking care of and transferring these success factors to a digital arena has been both scary and challenging. Therefore, KS Agenda once again chose EventEye as a partner to create a digital conference platform for eKommune 2021 which again this year was a great success, attracting more participants than ever before.

At eKommune 2021, we chose not to go for a "full service package" but to build the content in the platform ourselves, on a continuous basis, so that we could also give participants access to the digital conference right after signing up. This meant that we could create "life and engagement", and give the participants a little warm-up by publishing webinars, supplier seminars, participant overviews, and posts on the activity wall leading up to the actual conference - something that was very positively received by the participants. We also received a very high score on our feedback forms for allowing participants to access the session recordings post-conference. This meant that the participants could watch as many of the parallel sessions as they wanted when it suited them.

And last but not least, we got great feedback from the participants, suppliers and speakers on the ease of use of EventEye's conference platform; "Professional and easy to navigate in the menu", "Easy to find", "High quality of the transmission", "A joy to be able to see posts both before, during and after the conference itself".

With constantly new challenges and a steep learning curve moving into the digital world, EventEye's conference platform has been a joy to get to know. The platform is simple and intuitive to work with and provides an endless amount of possibilities with few limitations. The team at EventEye was always available to assist and give advice and recommendations along the way. We look forward to the next collaborative project.

Inger Sørensen

Inger Sørensen Project Manager, KS Agenda

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