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July 15, 2022
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4 Ideas to Create a Personalized Attendee Experience at Your Next Event

Fredrik Hoel

Organizing events is all about creating lasting, memorable experiences for the attendees. Personalizing the attendee experience is one of the most powerful tools for achieving this. We've put together a few ideas for how you can use your event app to accomplish this.

1. Targeted Push Notifications

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Use your event app to send individual and personalized push notifications to the attendees of your upcoming event. Create segmented lists of your participant to further personalize each message you send based on who they are, where they are traveling or which sessions they will be attending.

Informative push notifications, helping attendees to find their way can be of great use. However, remember that can also be a good idea to send push notifications as your attendees arrive or after the event has ended for the day to share your appreciation and gratitude to those who attended.

2. Designated Seating Information

If you are hosting an event that involves designated and assigned seating, use your event app to provide seating information along with a map of the tables. Utilize your app to give further details regarding food/allergies, drink vouchers, and the live entertainment you have planned for your attendees to enjoy. Use a uniquely designed information page for each attendee to showcase the thought and care you have put into your event.

Event App Agenda

3. Personalized Agenda

When you want to provide a truly personalized attendee experience, greet your attendees with a personalized agenda containing their sessions, as they enter the app.

If there is no pre-registration for the sessions, let participants plan their attendance and build their own personalized agenda in the app, ahead of the event. This can be of great help navigating complex events and parallel sessions.

4. Social Feed

Personalization isn't just about what you can do to create a unique experience. Let your attendees take part and create a social event feed for them to share photos and updates throughout the event. Engaging social features such as comments and like are great to spark conversations across sessions and throughout the day.

Knowing how to effectively use an event app to personalize the attendee experience at your next event is essential to leaving a lasting positive impression on your attendees. These are just some ideas to get you started. It's up to you to implement them in your next event and our team would be happy to guide you along the way. Curious about getting started and creating personalized experiences with an event app? Try our app and experience how it works on your device. Let's have a chat about your next event!

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